Miracles 'n Joy

Anonymous asked: buckynat 50


50. breaking the rules

Natasha has these grand ambitions of breaking into his room to see him- climbing through his window like a fairy tale. He’d be so surprised, she’s sure, and Natasha takes delight in imagining his face as he sees her.

What she doesn’t expect is to tail him back to a warehouse, out beyond the furthest field of the compound. She doesn’t expect to see him vanish into a tangle of corrugated iron sheds, or for the soldiers escorting him to disperse.

When the lights in the buildings go off, Natasha creeps through the huts, laying her hands on the medical instruments, the stacks of data scribed onto greyish government paper, her footsteps echoing on white tiles.

She doesn’t expect the vat, propped in the furthest corner of the warehouse like a great iron sarcophagus, or to see the Soldier’s face peering from its single green eye.